Learn how EthoTech Commission Plan saved Progressive Components Countless Hours Calculating and Paying Commissions

Focus on Customer Relationships not Spreadsheets

Progressive Components develops and distributes injection molded components. With over 8,000 SKUs, managing the sales commission process was a big deal.


A really big deal. 


That's why Progressive Components turned to Commission Plan from EthoTech to simplify their sales commission reporting, tracking, and payment process.

EthoTech Commission Plan Case Study: Progressive Components

In this case study, hear how Progressive Components used Commission Plan to:

  • Save countless hours tracking, reporting, and paying commissions
  • Increase trust and confidence with sales teams and distributors
  • Reduce administrative overhead so they could focus on customers and growing their business.

Download this case study and learn how EthoTech Commission Plan was a game changer for Progressive Components, and how it can be a game changer for your business too!

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