What Do Bloomin' Onions Have to do with calculating COMMISsIONs?

Learn how EthoTech Commission Plan helped Hartwig save hours every month by automating their commissions payments process.

The Proof is Usually in The Pudding, Except This Time It’s In The Onions

Using one-off reports, spreadsheets, and manually calculating commissions payouts is error prone and time consuming. Hartwig, a machine tool distributor and the manufacturer of the Bloomin’ Onion cutter, had the same challenge.


They, however, found a faster, easier solution to calculate commissions payments with Commissions Plan from EthoTech.

What do Bloomin’ Onions Have to Do with Calculating Commissions? Case Study

With Commissions Plan, Hartwig was able to automate the entire commissions payments process. Gone were the monthly one-off commissions reports, complicated spreadsheets, and hours of manual data entry.

Hartwig found a better way, and so can you. Download the case study and learn how.

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