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Commission Plan

Commission Plan from EthoTech is widely recognized as the 'Gold Standard' in automated commission management systems.

Why waste countless hours every month with multiple Excel spreadsheets, meaningless reports and outdated systems in order to manage your company's unique commission and royalty needs? With seamless integration built right inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP, the EthoTech Commission Plan Family of Products will completely automate your entire commission process. You'll instantly have the speed and visibility your company needs to improve sales performance and stay ahead of the competition.

Commission Plan makes these tasks a breeze to handle:

  • Quickly and easily modify or create commission plans that support your corporate goals
  • E-mail commission reports to management and your sales force
  • Vary the rates for different salespeople, customers and inventory items 
  • Changeable rates for different products / line item level calculations 
  • Pay multiple people (i.e. salespeople, managers, distributors) on a single sales document or sales line item
  • Track and pay commissions that are based on sales or margin quotas as well as tier-based sliding scales 
  • Split commissions among salespeople or sales territories 
  • Adjust commissions after posting
  • Track commission reductions for discounts, write-offs and aging invoices
  • Automatically create commission accrual transactions
  • Pay commissions, bonuses and draws through the Microsoft Dynamics GP payables, G/L and U.S. payroll modules
  • See all the NEW FEATURES we've added to Commission Plan here.

Meet the Commission Plan Product Family:

  • Commission Plan Keystone:  A solid foundation for processing commissions in a seamless module fully integrated within Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Commission Plan Apex:  Designed to tackle the most complex commission structures your company may demand with more sophisticated calculation and management tools built right in.

Our survey of Sales Managers and Controllers revealed just how many hours, on average, is spent in data entry, calculating and recalculating commissions for salespeople each month. See how your company can save up to $10,800 this year by using EthoTech Commission Plan.