Learn how EthoTech Commission Plan makes it easy for your business to calculate, track, report, and pay variable compensation.

Simplify Commission tracking and payments with EthoTech Commission Plan

Commissions, rebates, royalties, bonuses, spiffs - tracking variable compensation for your business is a time consuming and complicated process. What's more, trying to track and calculate all of these plans using one-off spreadsheets is prone to costly errors.


With EthoTech Commission Plan, you can simplify variable compensation calculations, eliminate manual processes and data-entry errors, and streamline the tracking, reconciliation, and compensation payment processes.

EthoTech Commision Plan White Paper

In this data sheet, you'll discover:

  • 6 commission plan types you can track, report, and pay
  • 10 internal and external payees for whom you can track and pay commissions
  • 3 supported commission calculation configurations
  • Supported commission processing and tracking options
  • Easy integration options

Download your free data sheet and learn how EthoTech Commission Plan can be a game changer for your business!

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