How One Company Future-Proofed Their Commission Processes

Should Your Company Start Planning Ahead Too?

In the world of commission management, there are common challenges and potential pitfalls businesses face. 

Companies often find themselves grappling with one (or several) points of failure in their commission process, such as relying on unwieldy spreadsheets for commission calculations

What happens when the one person in your organization who is  responsible for the entire commission process unexpectedly leaves the company, or  simply takes a well-deserved vacation? 

Similarly, there’s risk posed by using custom commission management developed by a single individual. Where is that person now?  Are they still in the business of development?  Probably not.  Who owns the source code and how do you access it? 

As daunting as these pain points might seem, it’s why we’re here: to discuss the ideal solution – Commission Plan for Microsoft Dynamics GP, and why one company chose the solution to handle their commission plan process concerns.

Have you considered the fact that your aging Crystal Reports software may become incompatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP and create issues for your commissions data?

Kawasumi Laboratories America, Inc., an international leader in safe, disposable medical devices, relies on commissions data for their sales process. When they realized that their software may become obsolete, they proactively began to search for a replacement. 

Looking Ahead to Prevent Software Obsolescence Emergencies

“If Crystal Reports dies tomorrow, then what am I going to use for commissions reporting?” asked Crystal Karlson, Operations Manager at Kawasumi Laboratories America. 

Realizing that they needed a reliable answer to this pressing question before Crystal Reports announced end of life, the Kawasumi team began to look for their new, future-proof solution. Everywhere they looked, the correct answer seemed to be EthoTech Commission Plan

Read the case study and discover: 

  • Why Kawasumi was 100% certain EthoTech Commission Plan would plug and play nicely with Microsoft Dynamics GP right away
  • The surprising number of days it took to complete their seamless, end-to-end software implementation to replace multiple, complex formulas in Crystal Reports 
  • How Kawasumi has saved at least 2 days each month on the commission reporting process
  • The bonus Accounts Payable functionality in Commission Plan that Kawasumi uses to save additional time every month beyond the commission reporting process
  • How Commission Plan helps sales reps, upper management, and the accounting team all get what they need – effortlessly
  • The true value behind faster, easier, simple commission reporting
  • Why Kawasumi describes Commission Plan as “a gift” for the commission process

Many Companies Worry About Their Complex Crystal Reports Formulas

It is stressful to worry about what might happen to your commissions data if your complex Crystal Reports formulas stopped being available. Like Kawasumi, many companies rely on decades-old Crystal Reports formulas that are “miles and miles long” and suffer from frequent issues that take significant time to fix. 

Sound familiar? It’s time you stopped wasting your efforts on broken processes. 

Read the case study to find out how quickly your company could, like Kawasumi, eliminate commission reporting stress across departments and “reduce a multi-day commission reporting process to a mere 15-minute task.”

Access the Case Study Now

Since 2002, companies across every sector have relied on EthoTech for the right tool for tracking, calculating, and paying variable compensation. We provide solutions, integration, and support that is focused solely on integrated variable compensation software for Microsoft Dynamics GP. It’s all we do, and we do it better than anyone. Contact EthoTech to learn more.

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