Microsoft Dynamics GP Security Roles and EthoTech Commission Plan: What You Need to Know 

Everyone at Your Company Must Have Secured Access to Commission Plan. Here’s Why. 

For Commission Plan to function properly, everyone at your company must have a Commission Plan security role assigned through Microsoft Dynamics GP. Even if you only have a few people working with commissions, everyone will need to have at least a basic security role set up. This way, Commission Plan can capture data updates from all relevant Microsoft Dynamics GP processes and routines to keep your commissions data up to date. 

Of course, your partner or consultant will have taken care of assigning the proper security roles for all GP users when you first set up Commission Plan, but you may be experiencing issues if you have had staff changes or recently upgraded Dynamics GP. 

Are Absent or Improper Security Roles Causing Issues? Find Out.

If employees don’t have the correct security privileges, you may be experiencing these issues:

  • Employees can’t view or interact with SmartLists, even though they should be able to
  • Commission data seems to be missing, incorrect, or not updated properly
  • When sales documents (invoices) are paid or fully relieved in Dynamics GP, the commission status is not updated in Commission Plan, which causes commissions to be excluded from a salesperson’s commission statement

If you are seeing any of these issues, we recommend that you contact us so we can determine what caused the issue and correct it, then run a utility to update your Commission Plan records. 

Which GP Users Need Security Roles?

Quick answer: All of them. 

Longer answer: Your Dynamics GP Power Users already have access to everything, including Commission Plan, so nothing needs to change for their setup. Every other user should at least have been assigned the EthoTech SOP Order Entry security role

Users with the SOP Order Entry role who are not Power Users will not see or have access to any Commission Plan windows. However, as they work through their Dynamics GP tasks, this basic security clearance will enable users to capture data from relevant tasks and feed it to Commission Plan in the background. 

A user without this minimum security role who posts sales documents or marks them as paid would NOT trigger Commission Plan to update commission data, causing commissions to be incorrect or excluded from a salesperson’s commission statement. See the issue here?

Handy tip: If you have a lot of users who need updated security roles in a hurry, you can assign a Commission Plan security task to one of their existing roles. We are happy to help you with this.

Of course, you can also grant users more than basic SOP Order Entry security. Other available roles include: 

  • Manager role – provides Power User-like access to Commission Plan without a GP Power User role
  • Inquiry role – provides view-only permissions for commissions from reports, inquiry windows, and SmartLists
  • Commission Entry role – provides commission editing permissions
  • Maintenance role – provides assignment permissions for users who create and maintain salesperson, customer, and item master records

View more details about security roles on Page 13 in the User Guide.

By default, any user with access to the Commission Plan Entry window may edit any unprocessed commission records, If you prefer enhanced security restrictions, Commission Plan can also be configured to specify which users are allowed to edit commission data. This is not a required setup. Contact us if you are curious to learn more. 

Contact EthoTech for Help

Once all your users have been assigned the proper security roles, at least a minimum of the SOP Order Entry role, your Commission Plan software should return to the seamless operations you know and love. 

Still Having Trouble? Open a Support Ticket Now.

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