The Exact Minute When Customers Knew They Could Trust Commission Plan and the EthoTech Team

See How EthoTech Elevates Customers’ Commission Reporting Experience, Every Day

When a new Commission Plan customer reviewed their data in preparation for processing the first round of commissions with their new software, they discovered something dreadful. They had been wasting $20,000 a month in excess commissions due to a data discrepancy hidden deep in their GP system. 

They had no idea about this until they used Commission Plan. 

How Commission Plan Lit Up a Customer’s $20,000 per Month Error 

Though this customer’s data had migrated precisely from GP to Commission Plan, the excess commission charges had slipped by when they were using GP commissions-processing methods

In Commission Plan, the data was clear at once. 

For this customer, that exact moment they saw the new data was like a lightbulb turning on for them. It was then that they knew they could trust Commission Plan. 

Because Commission Plan makes it a breeze to view all data connected to a commission payment, this customer was able to dig deeper and find the real problem. They tracked work tickets by serial number, figured out that installations were being invoiced multiple times, and saved $20,000 per month in excess commissions paid. 

That’s just one story of many. 

How EthoTech Helped Another Customer Breathe Easier with Accurate Commissions 

Another new customer had been using Crystal Reports to pay commissions, but it wasn’t until they switched to Commission Plan that they uncovered a long-time error: they were wrongly paying a certain salesperson for sales that didn’t belong to them

During the implementation for Commission Plan, the EthoTech team discovered that the old Crystal Reports system had been pulling in an incorrect salesperson on some commissions. When the names and numbers didn’t add up, EthoTech looked carefully into how this salesperson may have been erroneously included. 

Why? Because the EthoTech team is truly committed to accuracy in your commissions reporting. 

When EthoTech told the customer they had found this puzzling error and were tracking it down, the customer was able to take a deep sigh of relief. Right then at that moment, they knew they could trust the EthoTech team and Commission Plan. 

The employee who had written the report was no longer at the company to explain why that salesperson was wrongly receiving extra commissions, so the EthoTech team gave it their all to find the underlying issue. Once they discovered the problem, they fixed it. 

EthoTech & Commission Plan: The Team and Solution You Know You Can Trust 

It is tough to predict whether the EthoTech team or Commission Plan will uncover similar issues hiding in your current system. However, it’s easy to predict how many hours your team is likely to save after your Commission Plan implementation, due to streamlined processes, automation, and greater efficiency. 

Here are some real-life examples to get you thinking:

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